GKN Master Thesis - “Predictability of rotor disk burst – a correlation study comparing numerical predic in Trollhattan, Sweden

Master Thesis - “Predictability of rotor disk burst – a correlation study comparing numerical predic

Country: Sweden

Work Location: Trollhattan

State: Not Specified

Advertising End Date: 30 Nov 2018

Job Type: Intern/Co-op

About The Opportunity

Project Background


Aerospace is currently exploring new designs for future rotor disks, aligned

with the latest manufacturing technologies using additive manufacturing (AM).

AM allows for more complex designs and more design freedom. However, while

designing a rotor, predictability of its operation limits is essential.


designing a rotor disk, a lot of key factors has to be considered to avoid

operation failure. Aspects such as burst, life, flutter etc. To estimate the

limits of a rotor design and to avoid those harmful phenomena, numerical

prediction methods are used. In many cases, aiming to calibrate numerical

predictions, experimental tests are set up to push the rotors limits and find

out when it will break, as well as due to what reason.


burst tests of rotors have been made at GKN Aerospace over the years. For such

cases, the rotor is equipped with instrumentation to measure variables such as

RPM, thermal distribution, vibrations, deformations etc. The burst test is over

when the rotor breaks, hopefully due to stresses caused by rotational


Assignment Description


the student is expected to take part of the background burst tests performed at

GKN Aerospace. Understand why burst tests are done and its procedures. The thesis

will be divided into three major phases;


Numerically predict burst of previously tested rotor geometries at GKN

Aerospace including linear-elastic and elasto-plastic analysis. This will

consist of a dataset of about ten former tests. Numerical simulation will

primarily be done using ANSYS.


Correlate former experimental burst test results with previously predicted

numerical results to determine deviation and robustness of current analyzing



Investigate other numerical models that predicts burst of rotor disks.

If any

numerical model of interest is found, a continuous comparison to results so far

is enhanced.


the burst test of the Prometheus rotor (Europe’s current rocket engine

demonstrator) is planned in the first quarter of 2019. If this test is

conducted, the student may take part of its test set-up, instrumentation and as

well be a part of the next burst rotor test at GKN Aerospace, and include this

test in the study.

Key Responsibilities


Student in the

final year of their M.Sc. studies in the field Mechanical or Aerospace


Apply by


your resume and cover letter to Marcus Johansson,marcus.johansson3@gknaerospace.com


date for application: 2018-12-01.

Interviews will be held continuously and the position could be filled prior to

the last application date

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